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[IN]Human. - In Between Heaven and Mortality - english urban fantasy book

[IN]Human. - In Between Heaven and Mortality - english urban fantasy book

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Human beings have become more casual and indifferent than ever - A disastrous change for the angels
and demons who live from the energy generated from love and hate. 
Against their will, many of them are then sent in human form to Earth, to try and stir up the emotions so
important for their existence.
A good plan...if it wasn’t for being human. The angels have difficulties spreading love working in their
earthly jobs, while the demons probably didn't expect to feel as good as humans as they do; the
newfound compassion and sudden feelings of love keeping some from being evil, not making their job
any easier.
As they become increasingly entangled in the inner conflict between their feelings and their higher
mission, their hopes of returning seems to be fading.

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